Providers feel that Hobbiest expect way too much from pros

Lately the topic in my circle of provider girlfriends has been in relation to what the men who call themselves hobbiest are tuly in search of…

The term GFE has gotten way out of control!

Fine if a client wants to spend time.  Nobody really has a problem spending time.  Fine if he wants to cuddle, if the clients hygiene is maintained we might cuddle??  The problem comes into play when you start asking providers to do things you do with your spouse.  I cant speek for other girls but Greek isnt on my menu…  Neither is Daty!  The girls who are offering these types of services arent first class escorts.   Not in Las Vegas and not in any other city.  I have my own rules and I dont flex or bend them for any donation amount..  The girls who are offfering these services  are offering it to everyone. You are not special.  Do these girls charge more to enter the backdoor? Does a guy really want to kiss a provider that has given 10 BBBJs this week?  Wow!  If so I really feel sorry for the innocent women at home….  Lets clean up this industry and bring back the old school way..   Lets keep it profesional and put these girls out on the corners where they belong.  The streetwalkers have always offered all this weird shit…  Escorting is for high class ladies.  Have some dignity about yourselves ladies…   I have 5 years in the game and I am still clean and disease free…  My time is expensive and my soul isnt for sale!