Is prostitution becoming a new way for women out of work to feed their families?

Las Vegas has always been known as an adult playground. For decades now men have come to Las Vegas not just to gamble but to also enjoy the pleasures our local women offer. Prositution is illegal in Clark County but that hasnt stopped the thousands of of ladies from offering sexual favors in exchage for the all mighty dollar. For the past eighteen months or so the economy as we all know has really fallen hard. Women who normally would have never thought to sell sex are now full time escorts in Las Vegas.
Annie was once a very professional real estate agent making more than enough to take care of her family and now has to moonlight, hopiing the market will come back so she can be at home with her family in the evenings. When we spoke to her she said “I never thought Id be going on calls to pay the bills! Since becoming a full time escort and part time real estate agent I have met lots of great clients learned lots of new tricks and have become far more open minded than once upon a time. Escorting in Las Vegas is not only fun but also very interesting.” She admits her absence from the homefront has had its share of stain on her marriage but with her husband being out of a job what else can they do?? We wish Annie the best and hope she gets lucky tonight!
Las Vegas Press